Vall d'Hebron. Hospital-realted mobility

Parking supply

At Vall d'Hebron, working staffs have a free parking area with room for 1,000-1,100 vehicles. The parking mode is very tolerant. Access to the car park is via an employee's card; it is hard to keep count of the number of employees who use the car park, because employees who do not drive a car to work leave their access card to other people (doctor, relative or other).

In the case of visitors, a six-floor, metro, pay car park was built in 1995, with a total of 600 spaces. The company DRAGADOS (Urbaser Dragura) runs it. The rates are as follow in Table:

The parking supply

Vall d'Hebron
  Spaces Free/Pay
Working Stuff 1,000 - 1,100 Free Employee's card  
Visitors 600 Pay car park
115pts. (first 30 min.)
220 pts./hour
2,200 pts./day

90% until 2:00 pm
50% in the afternoon
almost empty at night

Source: Vall d'Hebron 1999