Reinaldo dos Santos Hospital. Hospital-realted mobility

Parking supply

The on site parking supply of the three hospitals is mainly legal. However, there is a vast amount of illegal parking places inside the hospital perimeters, as it can be seen in Table.

Parking places inside hospital Number of beds Number of legal parking places per bed
Hospital Legal Illegal
Curry Cabral 400 100 488 0,82
Garcia de Orta 500 400 630 0,79
Reinaldo dos Santos 7 10 216 0,03

The Reinaldo dos Santos Hospital, which has only 0.03 parking places per bed.

The parking supply of this hospital is very scarce, there are only 7 legal places inside the hospital, being the places located in the street. This lack of places can be explained by the location of this hospital in an old part of the city with one way narrow streets, where the parking places have to be shared with the residents, being, therefore, particularly difficult to find a parking place.