The Purpan Hospital. Hospital-related mobility

Public transport supply

It is very easy to access Purpan hospital by public transit: 3 bus lines provide a very good frequency every weekday.

Line #14 links the hospital to Toulouse's city centre and to the Matabiau Railway Line. It is connected with the "Patte d'Oie" metro station, located at the city centre entry.

Line #64 provides service between the hospital centre and the peripheral municipality of Colomiers. It is also connected with the railway and metro networks at the "Arènes" station.

Line #70 provides an access to another important suburban city, Blagnac, and to the Toulouse's boulevards and the Arnaud Bernard, Compans Caffarelli and Les Châlets neighbourhood. This line terminates at the central urban bus station of Jeanne d'Arc.

Moreover, the hospital is accessible from outside the agglomeration by an intercity coach line coming from Auch.