Curry Cabral Hospital. Hospital-related mobility

Public transport supply

Two metro lines, three urban bus lines and two train lines directly serve the Curry Cabral hospital, profiting from the fact of being located in Lisboa.

Public transport supply Curry Cabral Hospital

    Metro Train (trains/hour) Urban Buses (buses/hour) (*)
  Sintra North/South Axis Line 36 Line 26 Line 16
Frequency Rush hours 4 30 16 4 6 7
Other periods 8 14 8 6 5 9
Working period 6h30m - 1h 6h-24h 5h30m - 2h 6h - 21h30m 6h - 24h 6h - 21h30m

*Average values
Source: DGTT and transport operators, 1999

  • Metro
    • Blue line (Pontinha Baixa - Chiado): has connections in Praça de Espanha with suburban bus lines with destination to the south of LMA
    • Yellow line (Campo Grande Rato): has connections in Entrecampos with two train lines (North/South Axis and Sintra).
  • Train
    • North/South Axis Line: Entrecampos - Fogueteiro (South of LMA);
    • Sintra Line: Entrecampos - Sintra
  • Urban Bus Lines
    • There are three bus serving this hospital (numbers 16, 26 and 56). The buses used in this lines are mainly new generation buses with lowered floor.