The Toulouse Agglomeration offers 40 health equipment of more than 50 beds (Regional Hospital Centres, medical care, rest, re-adaptation centres,...).

Regional Hospital Centres 4
Other Establishments( < 200 beds) 7
Other Establishments( 50 to 200 beds) 29

The health equipment is not uniformly located in the agglomeration.

  • One half of the establishment's (18) are located in the Toulouse's municipality. This includes the 4 regional equipment and 5 over 7 establishments of 200 beds and more.
  • In the suburbs, the equipment is dispersed. They can be located near Toulouse or further in the city's periphery.

The Toulouse mobils Team selected 3 health centres of prime importance for the agglomeration. Each of them present different characteristics in term of localisation in the agglomeration, capacity, public transport supply and parking availability.

  • The Purpan Hospital, located on the Toulouse municipality, is currently only served by bus and may benefit from the opening of a proper site for public transportation on a mid term basis.
  • The Union Clinic is located in the peripheral municipality of Saint Jean, only served by bus.