The Purpan Hospital. Description.

The Purpan Hospital is situated in the Toulouse's municipality North-East area, very close from the peripheral Highway.

The Hospital was built in the beginning of the 20th century on domain that is still one of France's largest (34 hectares).

With a 1,350 beds capacity, Purpan is the most important health establishment of the agglomeration. Its influence area covers the whole agglomeration and even the Midi Pyrénées Region.

Purpan''s offer covers the whole range of medical and surgery services. About 70,000 hospitalisations are treated every year, as well as more than 250,000 consultations including emergencies.

The segment of activity that will most importantly grow during the next decade is probably the emergency treatments, which will give new challenges to the hospital, dealing with the necessity of a very quick car access for emergencies vehicles.

Purpan hires 4,820 salaries and several hundreds of medicine students frequent the site.