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Transparency and good governance

The administration needs to make citizens aware of what it does and its management of the public resources provided for them. For this reason:

  • The administration must be transparent. It must be proactive and must constantly issue up-to-date information regarding its spheres of action and obligations to make its work easier for people to understand, using communication tools that offer broad, easy access to data and make it easier for people to become involved in public matters.
  • The administration must be governed by the principle of good governance. It must act in accordance with the rules and obligations related to quality of service and how the administration operates, and with ethical principles and good practices which the senior posts of the administration must comply with, in order for it to function with the maximum transparency, quality and fairness and with guaranteed accountability.
  • The administration must be accessible. All information must be understandable, easy to access and free of charge and must be made available to disabled people via suitable media and/or formats that are accessible and understandable.