ATM service charter


LATM is the regional mobility authority for the Area of Barcelona. It was set up in 1997 to coordinate the metropolitan public transport system and subsequently, via the Mobility Act, it took on new functions in the area of mobility planning for all modes of transport.

The implementation of the ATM service charter forms part of the strategy of a commitment to serve citizens and therefore determines the services provided by the consortium and establishes their standards of quality. The tools aimed at ensuring continued improvement in this area comprise the evaluation of effective compliance of the service charter as well as citizen involvement in its revision.


ATM's mission is to offer citizens a mobility system that is accessible, sustainable and safe. This mission takes the form of coordination between administrations (related to financing and action plans), collaboration with operators (related to providing services and their coordination) and information to citizens (related to the mobility services offered).


ATM's vision is to consolidate its role for citizens as a trustworthy brand providing a good service and to become an international benchmark in managing mobility for the metropolitan area around Barcelona, a city committed to modernity, well-being and economic and social progress.


The essential value of ATM is consensus and reaching agreements between administrations and with transport operators to improve mobility. Transparency, responsibility, efficiency and fairness in its actions are values inherent in public administration.

Citizens are encouraged to take part in everything related to ATM's plans, actions and programmes via the Mobility Council.

Organisation and service management

ATM's governing, management and advisory bodies contain representatives for the different organisations and administrations related to collective public transport, especially the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
T +34 933 620 020
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Muntaner, 315-321. 08021 Barcelona
Timetable: from 9 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Services provided by ATM

  • To administrations
  • To public transport operators
  • To citizens
    1. ATM acts as the financial linchpin for the Metropolitan Collective Public Transport System. It agrees the financing framework for the collective public transport services in the area of Barcelona.

      Information on the consortium's funding can be found at

    2. ATM plans the infrastructures and services that are required to guarantee citizen mobility efficiently and effectively in line with the capability of the administrations responsible for financing them.

      The master plans for infrastructures and for mobility, and follow-up reports on their implementation, can be found at

    3. ATM defines and implements the integrated tariff system (STI): it establishes the different zones, technology and characteristics of the system, the tickets and integrated tariffs (including socially-motivated discounts), as well as the network of ticket offices.

      The features of the system are public and published at and on the portals of the main transport operators.

    4. ATM provides information on the STI and how it operates via the website at, the TransMet information centre and through its own communication resources.

      Information on the range of tickets, tariffs, integrated operators, integrated municipalities, the integrated map of the railway network and other characteristics can be consulted at Whenever the system is altered (such as incorporating new integrated services, new tickets or tariffs), specific announcements and alerts are provided using media that are suitable, effective and easy to understand.

    5. ATM attends to any queries, complaints and suggestions sent by citizens regarding the integrated tariff system.
      Queries and complaints are attended and answered within maximum 30 days and can be presented by either visiting the ATM offices (Muntaner, 315-321, 08021 Barcelona), by telephone (+34 933 620 020), by post (Muntaner, 315-321, 08021 Barcelona) or by email.

    6. ATM draws up studies and statistics on mobility and regularly evaluates citizen satisfaction.
      The TransMet Xifres statistics are updated every six months. The Workday Mobility Survey (EMEF) is carried out once a year.

    7. ATM acts against fraud in the collective public transport system with the twofold aim of guaranteeing income from tariffs and fair and equal access to the network.

      It promotes actions to combat fraud together with the administrations and transport operators.

    8. ATM fosters sustainable, safe mobility by collaborating with other organisations and bodies and with communication and information campaigns and other elements (apps to consult information, system to aid operations, etc.).

      ATM promotes initiatives for sustainable, safe mobility by means of European projects, is present within industry organisations and holds the Sustainable, Safe Mobility Week, among other initiatives.

    9. ATM takes citizen involvement into account when making decisions and undertaking actions.
      The Mobility Council meets regularly as a forum for citizen participation.

    10. ATM draws up reports on studies to evaluate the mobility produced and other mobility plans produced by individuals and administrations with the aim of ensuring they meet the criteria established by the Mobility Act and sector plans.

      Reports on studies to evaluate the mobility produced are sent within a period of one month. Other reports are always provided within the period established by the corresponding regulations for the sector.

    11. ATM coordinates the publication of real-time information on public transport services by defining a standard with all the administrations involved.

      It coordinates the information provided on more than 4,000 destinations with an informative environment of panels at stops and stations, websites and a range of apps by administrations and transport operators.


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