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Requesting receipts for integrated tickets

Only invoices for ATM integrated tickets are issued: invoices for tickets of the various transport operators must be requested from the operators’ own user attention offices (single ticket, airport ticket, Hola Barcelona, etc.)

  • No invoices will be issued for transport tickets over 5 years old.
  • Duplicates of invoices already issued may also be requested.
  • No invoices will be issued for tickets that are partially broken or cannot be read on paper.
  • The tickets provided must be the original tickets: photocopies and images sent by email are not accepted.
  • Tickets must be fully consumed.


Documents required:

  • The original ATM integrated tickets
  • Personal details:
    • Name of the person or company.
    • ID card number/Foreigner's number/Tax ID number.
    • Address.
    • E-mail address (If you prefer, we can send you the invoice by mail).


Where the receipt can be issued:

  • Rodalies de Catalunya
  • TMB
  • FGC
  • TRAM
  • TUS Mobility Office
  • ATM Office:
    • By post to the following address: a ATM, “Sol·licitud de Factura”, ATM, Muntaner, 315-321, 08021 Barcelona. You need to send the original integrated tickets by ordinary mail, together with the applicants personal details. After a few days you will receive the receipt at the address provided.


Last updated of this page (16/04/2021)