Other integrated transport tickets

Targeta T-episodi ambiental

The T-episodi ambiental (T-environmental episode) card is a multi-person card containing 2 integrated journeys -covering between 1 and 6 zones- for use on the same day of its initial validation. This sale of this card will be activated in the automatic card dispensers of the different public transport companies on days on which an environmental pollution episode has been declared. The agreed price of this card is the equivalent of 2 journeys on the T-10 card, with an additional 10% discount.

1 zone 2 zones 3 zones
€1,80 €3,50 €4,80
4 zones 5 zones 6 zones
€6,20 €7,10 €7,55

Personal and non-transferable time-based travel card allowing for 10 integrated journeys on all means of transport within the stipulated zones of travel (maximum payment covers 6 zones), with validity at the Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2 metro stations on line L9 Sud.

Must be accompanied by an official valid ID of the holder and mandatory certification of the holder's status as a worker at the Barcelona - El Prat Airport.

The T-10 Treb. Aeroport travel card can only be purchased at the automatic vending machines in the halls of the Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2 metro stations on line L9 Sud.

1 zone 2 zones 3 zones
€9,95 €19,60 €26,75
4 zones 5 zones 6 zones
€34,45 €39,55 €42,05

Any person using the T-10 Treb. Aeroport travel card without the necessary accompanying certification (personal ID and Airport worker ID) or use by anyone other than the intended registered holder will be considered incorrect usage and will bring about the confiscation of the travel card by any employee of any of the different companies of the integrated public transport system, notwithstanding any other legal liabilities that may stem from such incorrect usage.

The counties of Berguedà and Ripollès are now included in the integrated fare system as zone seven.

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Targeta T-Esdeveniment

T-Esdeveniment is a transport ticket that adapts to the needs of event organisers, who acquire the ticket. With this ticket you can make an unlimited number of journeys on all modes of integrated transport within the tariff area and on the dates established. The characteristics of the ticket are as follows:

  • Specific ticket for an event (congresses, trade fairs or sports events), personalised with the logo.
  • Unlimited number of journeys.
  • Valid for 1 to 6 zones depending on the event's needs.
  • The duration of the ticket depends on the event.
  • Personalised, non-transferable ticket, with the identity card or passport number of the holder.