Governing bodies

The different organisations and administrations related to collective public transport are represented on the governing, management and advisory bodies of ATM.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of ATM. It is composed of eighteen members with full voting rights: nine representing the Generalitat de Catalunya, seven representing the corresponding local governments (Barcelona City Council and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona) and two representing the Associació de Municipis per la Mobilitat i el Transport Urbà (AMTU), as well as two additional members representing the state central government as observers.

The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

First Vice-Chairwoman Mercedes Vidal i Lago
Second Vice-Chairman Antoni Poveda i Zapata
Members Josep Oriol Altisench Barbeito
Antonio Balmon Arévalo
Luis De la Fuente Mochales
Joaquín Del Moral Salcedo
Ferran Falcó i Isern
Francisco Javier Flores i Garcia
Ricard Font i Hereu
Natàlia Garriga Ibàñez
Jordi Martí Grau
Jaume Mauri i Sala
Pere Padrosa i Pierre
Mercè Rius i Serra
Janet Sanz Cid
Jaume Serra i Casals
Lluís Tejedor i Ballesteros
Enric Ticó i Buxados
Jordi Xena Ibañez
Secretary Jaume Garcia i Soler
CEO Pere Torres Grau

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is made up of six members: three representing the Generalitat de Catalunya, two representing the corresponding local governments and one representing AMTU.

In general, it is responsible for examining and presenting to the Board of Directors proposals regarding planning instruments for the Metropolitan Collective Public Transport System, financing agreements and service contracts with administrations and operators, the tariff system and annual budgets, among other issues.

The Executive Committee is comprised as follows:

Chairman Ricard Font i Hereu
Members Jordi Martí Grau
Pere Padrosa i Pierre
Antoni Poveda i Zapata
Joan Prat i Trapé
Enric Ticó i Buxados
Secretary Jaume Garcia i Soler
CEO Pere Torres Grau

Legal Advisory Committee

This committee provides assistance and legal advice to the Executive Committee. It's made up of representatives from the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, AMTU and ATM itself.

Technical Platform of Operators

The Technical Platform of Operators for Metropolitan Collective Public Transport is the consortium's collaborative and consultative body on issues of a technical nature and is made up of representatives from the public transport operators in the metropolitan region.

ATM Mobility Council

The approval of the Mobility Act on 13 June meant that ATM's statutes had to be amended for it to become the mobility authority. This Act also establishes territorial mobility councils.

ATM's new statutes, approved in June 2005, define the Mobility Council as the body for consultation and civic and social participation on operational issues related to the collective public transport system and mobility.

It's made up of the following members:

  • Chairman: ATM's Second Vice Chairman.
  • One member from the Board of Directors for each administration in the consortium or affiliated body.
  • Representatives from the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia and the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Counties.
  • Representatives from the most firmly established business organisations in Catalonia.
  • Representatives from the most firmly established trade unions in Catalonia.
  • Representatives from the most representative consumer and user associations in Catalonia.
  • Representatives from associations and groups with a particular relevance in the area of public transport and mobility.
  • The Managing Director of ATM.
  • A member of the consortium's management acts as the Council's Secretary, proposed for this purpose by the Managing Director.


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