The Autoritat del Transport Metropolità

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) is an inter-administrative Consortium of voluntary character created in 1997 and comprised of all the administrative bodies of public transport services in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

The Administrative bodies making up the consortium are the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia (51%) and local administrations (49%), comprised of the Barcelona City Council, the Metropolitan Transport Area (AMB) and the Association of Municipalities with Urban transport services of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMTU). There is also the presence of representatives of the Central State Government as observers in the administrative bodies of the MTA.

The purpose of the MTA is to promote cooperation between the public Administrative bodies providing the services and infrastructures of the Public Transport system of the area of Barcelona of which they form part, as well as collaboration with bodies who, like the Sate government, are financially involved or are operators of their own services.

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